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Eric Beaune


Woodstock Gardens

The Beginning of
Beaune Brothers Landscaping

Growing up on a farm, I was always exposed to gardens and flower beds. This grew into a passion for me and encouraged me to get a degree in landscaping and horticulture at LFCC. 

I started Beaune Brothers Landscaping and, with the help of some of my siblings/family and a few amazing employees, my business grew into one of the most trusted landscaping companies in the Shenandoah Valley. 


Our team sees every job as a privilege and a responsibility. Our mission is to lead people into a love affair with their gardens, to help them to collaborate with Nature as an artistic partner.


Wherever we’re asked to begin, in the end we have one purpose: to create beautiful surroundings that nurture and inspire.


Acquiring Fort Valley Nursery

In 2021, our team took over the well known Fort Valley Nursery, from Randy Fogle, Terry Fogle & Warren Schenumm, who owned the company for about 40 years.

Being a landscaping company, this company was the perfect match to allow us to grow our business. We already were using the nursery's resources for many projects, it was only fitting that we join together!

The Fogle's have been great mentors to us! But, as of 2022, we are on our own, and they are enjoying a well deserved retirement!


Becoming Woodstock Gardens

Running two seperate businesses is no easy feat. In efforts to simplify this new venture, we decided to conjoin our landscaping business and garden center into one new company: Woodstock Gardens.

Woodstock Gardens logo_edited_edited.png

We are so excited to continue to serve the amazing community of the Shenandoah Valley, and help to make this area even more beautiful with native plants and gorgeous landscaping.

Our passion is growing beautiful things, supporting amazing vendors, and helping you to love your garden a little more.


Come give us a visit!

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